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Last Updated on May 22, 2019

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We are entering the teen years.  As I was preparing my curriculum for the upcoming school years, I decided to visit a local Christian bookstore and came across Apologetics Study Bible for Students.  I flipped through it and immediately knew this was a resource that I would love to have for our oldest!  I didn’t budget the purchase so I decided to wait a couple weeks to buy this wonderful resource.  That same week I was offered a chance to review it!  They say patience is a virtue…LOL.

Here is some background information:

Title:  Apologetics Study Bible for Students

Indexed by:  Sean McDowell

Published by Holman Publishers.

Version:  HCSB

You can buy it HERE

As our kids enter the teen years, they are faced with some tough questions.  Let’s face it, we parents are faced with some tough questions!  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students answers those tough questions with straight answers!  Personally, I believe this wonderful resource is a comprehensive tool that can be used by students in Junior High, High School, College, and beyond.

For this review, I received the hardcover edition of this Bible published by Holman Publishers.  This edition is beautiful, indexed and even has a ribbon for place marking.  I am absolutely impressed with this!  Unfortunately, it seems to have vanished into the hands of my oldest child before I could enjoy it as much as I would have liked…LOL.  He has claimed it as his own.  Since receiving this Bible, my oldest has poured over it.  In fact, I’ve never seen him read and study a Bible more than he has this one.  That’s saying a lot because he has a few Bibles of his own.  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students has become his go-to Bible for study.  What I really appreciate about this Bible is how much he wants to study on his own!

Here are some perks to this particular Bible:

  • Book Introductions for each of the 66 books of the Bible
  • Study notes
  • 120 articles written by today’s leading Christian thinkers that deal with life’s ultimate questions
  • 60 twisted scriptures address ways that various religious movements distort Scripture to support doctrine contrary to historic Christian teaching
  • 50 Bones & Dirt which features important archeological discoveries with an apologetic value.
  • 50 Notable Quotes from influential people throughout history
  • 25 Tactics that will equip students to withstand opposition to Christianity by outlining tactics and strategies for handling frequently heard anti-Christian arguments.
  •  20 Personal Stories that will encourage and strengthen readers in their faith by describing how God has worked dramatically in people’s lives.
  • 20 Top Five are bullet point lists that help readers remember significant apologetics topics.

I HIGHLY recommend this Bible for any teen, anyone in the ministry, and as a resource.  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students is a must have!!

Official Website:  www.apologeticsbible.com
Social Media Shareables (for you!):  www.apologeticsbible.com/share
Resource Site (Access to Videos): http://www.apologeticsbible.com/partners/
Click to buy: HERE

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