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I am an Army Wife, at least for a little while longer.  Soon my husband will be throwing his boots over the wire.  You can read some of that HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  This is not an easy decision for us but after 20 years of Active Duty and multiple deployments, it is time to say goodbye to Army life.

Clay and I have shared a lot about our military life on this blog.  In fact, Clay is currently writing a series on his transition from Active Duty Army to Civilian.  You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, I urge you to do so.  We have many more posts, reviews, and giveaways coming soon.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

A few days ago I was contacted by Grace Hill Media on behalf of Warner Brothers.  I was asked to review American Sniper.  I was blown away by the generosity of Grace Hill Media for my blog and I had to be a part of what they are trying to do!

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Earlier this year I attended a viewing of American Sniper in theaters.  After watching it, I knew this was a movie I would soon own on DVD.  I also wrote about why this movie represents Military Wives.

Watching the DVD this close to retirement brought out some raw emotions.  I’m not a military spouse who bashed and hated the military.  Sure, there were days that I wanted to shake my fist and scream, but I rarely complained about the circumstances.  The only time I think I came close to wanting to bash them was during Clay’s second deployment to Iraq.  He and a handful of others were left at their FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq for weeks before a flight was finally scheduled to get him and the others out.  Yes, I said weeks!  I called his unit and asked what their plans were to get those guys out of there.  I was frustrated.  I was also getting tired of cleaning his truck, trying to surprise him when he finally came home.  LOL!

When I watched American Sniper, I was quickly reminded of the multiple deployments and separations.  There is a scene where Taya, who is pregnant at the time, is talking to Chris while he is deployed.  In the middle of the conversation, Chris is attacked by the enemy and Taya is left on the phone, all the while listening to the yelling and gunfire.  This movie is as realistic as it gets.  During one of Clay’s deployments, I, too, was talking to him on the phone.  His camp was attacked and the phone went dead.  I have never felt so helpless, afraid, frantic and emotionally devastated in my life.  There is nothing that can calm you after a phone call like that.  Many don’t know or understand that after an attack like that they also Black Out the phone lines.  It was almost a week after we lost our communication until I heard from Clay again.  I had to live with the “No News is Good News” mentality for survival.

American Sniper, in my opinion, is a must see DVD.  This movie brings the sacrifices of those who serve to the American public.  This movie also shows the sacrifices of the family members left behind.   I am also thankful for the PTSD awareness that this movie shares.  More people need to know and understand exactly what PTSD is and how it affects not only the service members diagnosed, but also their loved ones.

Clays thoughts:

This movie brought about many emotions.  I remember reading the comments on Facebook and other social media sites by those who had never deployed and those who were FOBBITS – Service Members who never left the FOB but came back with war stories made up.  These comments included how this movie was the greatest war movie made and how each person would have done the same thing.  The convenient thing about Hollywood is that the bullets are fake and the actors, well, they act.  Many scenes were too realistic for me to watch.  However, I somehow got through them.  War is an ugly thing that leaves a lasting imprint sketched in memories of those who have experienced the harrowing turmoils of war.  I truly appreciate what director Clint Eastwood did with this movie by bringing PTSD to the screen.  For those of us who suffer from PTSD, we have a difficult time leaving war behind.  Although we suffer from nightmares and visions, our loved ones also suffer.  I will never be able to attend another event with fireworks or loud noises.  I become overcome with anxiety when I’m in large crowds.  I’m always looking for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) on the roads or people wearing large or bulky clothing.  I hope this movie explains the effects of war and PTSD so that all can become a little more educated.  I did enjoy this movie as I do with most movies directed by Clint Eastwood.

I hope all of you have subscribed because Grace Hill Media also sent me American Wife by Taya Kyle. I just received this book a couple of days ago and I haven’t had the chance to read it yet.  I will be posting a review on this book in about a week or two, so please stay tuned.  I will also have a giveaway for Taya’s book!

Now for more exciting news!!  I have THREE (yes 3!) copies of American Sniper Blue Ray + DVD to GIVEAWAY to my lucky readers!  Limit of ONE (1) copy per household.  Make sure you follow all the directions of the giveaway to enter.


In Christ,


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  1. My husband was in the Army when we married. He served 3 years. Our oldest was born at Ft. Bragg.

  2. I have not served. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII and my FIL served in Vietnam. Thank you so much for your service, Clay.

  3. Laura, You know I am a fellow Army Wife. I haven’t read or watched the movie yet. James won’t until he is totally retired. 3 more years unless he makes SGM. We all serve, not just our amazing husbands, but the wives and children. But I am rambling. You know this. Have a blessed day

  4. Thanks for sharing this honest and much needed review. My husband and I are both Navy veterans (long ago – and we didn’t serve 20 years tho) – and this was a much needed story that people need to see.

  5. I have had no service but my nephew just got out of the Marines due to an injury while serving overseas

  6. I did not serve. Both my parents served in the Army, both of my mom’s parents served in the Army, my aunts served in the Army, one cousin served in the Army and one is still serving in the Army (he’s stationed in Japan). Plus the numerous other family members who have served in different branches.

  7. My husband was prior Air Force. No war stories though. I still have not seen this movie! Time and money for the most part, I’m about to rent it on redbox if I must. A police officer friend of mine said, “If you don’t buy this Dvd, you ain’t American!” So that is definitely on my list too.

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