8 Signs You're a Homeschool Mom (1)

8 Signs You’re A Homeschool Mom

8 Signs You're A Homeschool Mom

8 Signs You’re a Homeschool Mom

If you’re a homeschool mom, there’s a good chance you can spot another homeschool parent from across the room. Birds of a feather and all that. Certain nuances set us apart from the other parents wondering the world.

Homeschooling can be very rewarding but it can also be very challenging. You will need to adjust your schedule to accommodate for constant changes.

You also need to adjust your home to accommodate for a learning environment. I know many homeschooling families who give up their living rooms, dining rooms, and other family living spaces in order to have more room to properly homeschool. It just comes with the territory.

Here are eight signs you’re a homeschool mom:

1.) You often send your kids to school in their pajamas. I mean, why not? A comfortable work environment is a productive work environment. In fact, you might teach in your jammies, too. It’s one of the perks of homeschooling. Casual Friday becomes Casual Everyday.

We love these cute jammies!


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2.) You might have a science project in your kitchen right now. I’m not talking about the bowl of molding mystery leftover in the back of the fridge, either. I’m talking about a legit science project that may or may not contain exploding, dripping, or bubbling goop. The kitchen is the easiest room to clean.

Projects like these?


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3.) Your living spaces have all been converted to “learning centers.” You have a reading corner in the living room, a lab in the kitchen, and books in every room in the house. You have to make the most of the space you have as a homeschooling family. Sometimes you have to get really creative with it.

4.) You get excited about sales on craft and office supplies. This one’s self-explanatory. You can never have enough of these goodies. You could get lost in Michael’s for hours. You also know the USPS carrier, the UPS driver, and the FedEx delivery driver by name. They might think you have a shopping addiction, but you really NEEDED all those new school supplies and curriculums.

Amazon always has great deals on craft supplies!


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5.) You might have a whiteboard in your dining room (and another in your living room). These things are truly the best. You can teach lessons, write assignments, and allow your students to use them for math assignments and other problems. They are so versatile that you will want one in every room.

Mead Classic Whiteboard, 3 x 2 Feet, Aluminum Frame (85356)Mead Classic Whiteboard, 3 x 2 Feet, Aluminum Frame (85356)

6.) You give your kids chores for “home economics class”. This is a two-in-one deal. You teach them life skills that are very valuable and you also get the house cleaned. With people home all day, it gets messier than non-homeschooled families. With everyone home all day, it’s also more difficult to clean on your own. Why not teach them the value of a clean home?

7.) You turn family outings into field trips. The zoo is an obvious choice. How about to the grocery store to learn about budgeting and shopping?

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal (Apologia)Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal (Apologia)

8.) You could also go to local museums, for a nature walk, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of. Every outing is an opportunity for hands-on learning experiences.

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These are just a few signs that you’re a homeschool mom. Do you see yourself in any of them? Would you add anything to our list?

In Awe,


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