5 Benefits to Homeschooling Middle School

6 Benefits of Homeschooling Middle School

As the elementary years of homeschooling are finishing, many parents begin to think about the next stage of homeschooling. For many, the idea of homeschooling middle school evokes some fear. Teenage hormones and a fear of harder subjects often place fear in parent’s hearts. Yet, we need not fear. There are lots of benefits to homeschooling middle school.

  1. Allowing time for maturity- Public middle school is vastly different from public school – and even more different from homeschooling. The ages from 11-14 is such a time of change for our children. It can be scary, and there are often times when they don’t know how to express the changes that they are going through. Keeping them in an environment where they feel safe allows them time to mature at their own pace.
  2. Guiding Discussions- There are a lot of discussions that happen in this age range. Discussions you will want to be the first person to talk to your child. Homeschooling through middle school will allow you to guide these discussions in a way that brings you peace as a parents.
  3. High School Credit is an option – In many states, you can count courses in middle school for high school credit. Not all public and private options give you this chance. Be sure to check with your state guidelines for this option.
  4. Rest- Kids need more rest during this huge time of growth and change. By homeschooling, you choose the time that works best for your family. If your kids are needing more sleep, you don’t have to worry about them having to be up super early and not getting enough rest. Rest is so important for doing well in any school setting.
  5. Peer Pressure- Kids will deal with peer pressure, no matter what kind of schooling they have. However, there is so much peer pressure to start “dating” and other things with the opposite sex at this age. Homeschooling doesn’t always eliminate this topic, but it does restrict it, and allows parents to be a much more active role.
  6. Curriculum Choices- This age is also a time when children are forming many opinions of the world. Although many conflicting ideas are taught in elementary school, they are pushed and defined even more in middle school. By homeschooling through middle school, you get to choose the curriculum, and you get to help your children work through some of these controversial topics.

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Homeschooling can be hard. Homeschooling a middle schooler can be  hard! However, there is a lot of reward and benefits to doing it! Stand strong, and you can make it through these harder years in a blink of an eye!

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