5 Amazing Benefits To Journaling For The Young+ Activity!

5 Amazing Benefits of Journaling for the Young and Young at Heart!+++ Activity!

I’ve been fortunate enough to know people in all stages of life. They have taught me compassion, love and a deep understanding of how we all connect.

Throughout my life, I have relied on my journal as my safe haven. I’m excited about this opportunity to put into words some of the benefits of journaling and hope that it might inspire others to give it a try.

  • Outlet for stress: Journaling is often recommended by teachers, therapists and counselors because of its therapeutic benefits. There are things that you may keep close to the vest that are difficult to speak out loud and journaling offers a place to express that. If you harbor anger, confusion or frustration, it’s a great place to get it all out so you can ultimately remove yourself from that snare.
  • Keeps the mind sharp: The act of writing stimulates activity in the brain and improves cognitive function; especially important for aging adults. People who handwrite often usually have higher intelligence and a strong memory. It’s a fantastic form of brain exercise and can be used as a learning tool for small children.
  • Improve communication: A journal can be used as a tool to communicate with others when you are unable to speak due to illness or aging; or for young people who need to express themselves but aren’t sure how. Young children can use a journal to draw pictures that give you a sneak peek into their thoughts and emotions. Teens are saturated with technology which can be counterproductive to the learning process. Journaling can be a great way to help teens unplug, de-stress and encourage independent thinking while improving their vocabulary.
  • Fine motor skills: Writing helps both young and old improve their fine motor function. The act of pen to paper alone can work the muscles in the hand to improve physical health – including improving strength and grasp. This helps young children to function in an adult world while it helps aging adults maintain their independence.

Your journal should be an expression of who you are. I encourage you to spend time picking out a design that appeals to you. You’ll find yourself looking forward to opening it up and more apt to get excited about it.

  • Experience joy: Having a hobby or something to look forward to gives you happiness and pleasure so you can live a fulfilling life. Journaling gives you an opportunity to be creative and express yourself because it requires little effort or energy and there is no wrong way to do it. Journaling is suitable for all ages and can be of benefit to the elderly who have difficulty getting out of the house often.

Recently I was asked by 123JournalIt….to review their Bible journaling set. This set is perfect for young people as well as the young at heart. These journals are quite remarkable!

I was so blown away I took them to the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville and shared in my Journal Through the Bible session!

I love these journals so much and they will continue to be a part of my session and also our Bible study time at home! 

These are must have’s for Bible Journalers! 

The 12 Week Journal for Book-by-Book Bible Study
The 12 Week Journal for Womens Prayer & Devotional Bible Study
The 12 Week Journal for Mens Prayer & Devotional Bible Study
The 12 Week Journal for Memorizing Bible Verses

One of the most important things you can share with your children is your knowledge, your words and the lessons you’ve learned in life.

It’s not uncommon for people to take up journaling again as they get older. It is a treasured gift to leave behind and your children will be forever grateful for it.

So that is one reason I am now bringing you this amazing craft!!!

Are you ready to learn how to Make Your Own Journal? This is a great project to do WITH your teen! 

Items Needed

  • Cereal Boxes
  • Paper, pattern or color
  • White Paper
  • Cotton String
  • Tacky Glue
  • Buttons
  • Hole Punch
  • Stickers (Optional)


  1. Cut the large, flat side of an empty cereal box out and fold in half to create a crease and lay back open.                   
  2. Take your colored or patterned paper, lay your box piece on it, and cut the paper ½” bigger on each side around the box.            
  3. Now glue the paper to the colored side of your box piece, and glue the 1/2” edges to the underside, or plain side.
  4. Take another piece of colored or patterned paper and cut smaller than the other piece and glue this on the box piece, over the other paper. This can be your choice on how much you cover or show the paper underneath.        
  5. Using the hole punch, make 2 holes, one on each end of the folded part of the box piece. Now fold the book cover in half.              
  6. Fold about 10 sheets of paper in half, and cut these to fit inside your book.         
  7. Now hole punch these to line up with the holes in the cover.
  8. Take a piece of the string, and tie through the holes in the cover and the inside paper, knot it on the inside of the book.                   
  9. Cut a piece of string about 12-18” long. Take the button, and glue it and one end of the string under it, to the front cover along the edge. The rest of the string will wrap around the book a few times and twist the extra string around the button to hold it closed.                           
  10. Add stickers that spell out Journal. (optional)               
  11. Happy Writing!                             

Y’all. You need these. All of them. Snag these babies and get to journaling! 😉 


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