4 Ways To Sneak In Math!

4 Ways to Sneak In Math!

You don’t have to be a lifelong educator, whether at home or outside the home, to know that math can be a rough subject to teach. Children fall at either end of the math spectrum – love it or hate it. The same is true for teaching it. When kids love math, teaching it is a breeze and often fun. But when kids hate math, teaching it becomes a chore we don’t want any part of. Seldom is there ever a happy medium.

Often the best method to teach math is to sneak it in. How do you sneak in math, you ask?

Here are 4 easy ways to sneak math into your day:

1. Play games: Games are a great way to sneak math into your day. Most games requiring a basic understanding of math includes dice. These types of games are great for simple addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. A great selection of games include: Candy Land (counting spaces), Trouble, Yahtzee, and Uno. Math concepts are needed for everyday life. Counting money and managing bank accounts are a necessity as our children grow up and eventually live on their own. Games like Life and Monopoly are a great way to sneak in money counting skills. You can also find a host of websites that recommend math games for kids. We usually include one game per week to sneak in math without my kids knowing their doing math!

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2. Cooking Projects: Cooking is a great way to sneak math – especially fractions – into your day. What kid doesn’t love to get messy in the kitchen? Get those aprons on and start adding fractions! I have a bookshelf dedicated to children’s cookbooks that help me find recipes that are easy enough for kids to use.

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3. Shopping: As homeschool mamas, very rarely do we not have our kids in tow as we run errands. Shopping is another great way to teach budget skills as well as addition and subtraction skills. We usually make a run to the grocery store at least twice a month. I tell my kids the budget and allow them to begin subtracting from the budget or I tell them the worth of certain coupons and allow them to subtract that amount from the cost of the item. I’ll tell the younger kids how much of an item I need and allow them to count them out. There are other ways to sneak in a math lesson, but these are easy and they’re unbeknownst to the kids!

This is a GREAT book with suggestions to integrate Math and Shopping!


Grocery Cart Math by Dale Simpson (2000-11-09)Grocery Cart Math by Dale Simpson (2000-11-09)

4. Learning an Instrument or Drawing: Kids love music and they love to draw. Allow them to do the things they love best, but add a math twist! Have your artist draw a picture and use real dimensions to draw it. Teach your children about beats and rhythm. Shhh! You don’t have to tell them you’re sneaking in math!

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These are just a few simple and fun ways to sneak math into your daily routine without pulling out the old math textbook. There are some great math curriculums encouraging parents to be less hands-on that engage children with different learning methods. These tips are hopefully ones that will reach across curriculums and help children see math in real world situations.

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This post was written by my dear friend Mandy Kelly from Worshipful Living. In the wee hours the 21st of March Mandy, her husband Scott, her daughter Lizzie, and her sweet baby Judah went home to be with Jesus. 

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