14 Days of Valentine’s Day Kindness

14 Days of Valentine’s Day Kindness

Guess what? Valentine’s day is just around the corner!! This year, don’t just focus on the lovey-dovey part of the day. Sure, it’s a great time to give (and recieve)  chocolates, flowers and gifts, but this day can also be about more. For kids and adults alike, it’s a wonderful way  to teach all sorts of other things. Things like kindness and love. Valentine’s Day can also be very depressing for singles, widows and other lonely people. Showing them kindness and helping bring them some light on what’s often a depressing day for many is a wonderful way to make your own day a bit brighter!

Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on LoveSugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on Love

Here are 14 ways you can be kind to others as Valentine’s Day approaches!

  1. Bake Cookies for a Nursing Home– Older people need to feel loved, and so often, they don’t. Their families get busy – and they need a visit. Bake cookies and take them. Make sure you allow enough time  to sit and have a chat. Show them that you care, and just the fact that you took some extra time out of your day to visit with them will mean the world to them.
  2. Write a note of encouragement– There are so many people who would love a bit of  encouragement. Singles who wish to be married, pastors, pastors wives, widows- they could all use some extra love and encouragement. Encouragement is a terrific way to be kind to someone and one note can go a long way.
  3. Pay for someone’s coffee – Paying for someone’s coffee is a great way to share some kindness. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know! Simply tell the cashier that you’ll pay for whoever’s coffee and they’ll take care of it!
  4. Gift Card Ditch – Leave a small gift card on the door or windshield of someone (either you know, or don’t know!) This is a fabulous way to put a smile on someone’s face that may really need it that day!
  5. Send a text– Text a friend and share something that you love about them. It’s something we do all the time, so let’s use it to our advantage!
  6. Send prayer mail – Send a friend a prayer either in text, email or physical mail. I love writing a letter and mailing it. It shows you spent some extra time in all the details – like the envelope, card and even picking out the stamp!
  7. Take chocolate or a bake goods to community helpers– Ideas are: fire stations, police station, Dr. office, local schools, hair dressers.
  8. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Showing you care enough about your neighborhood and surroundings is a great act of kindness! Who knows, you may even make some new friends as they help you along!
  9. Do yard work for an elderly neighbor– Many elderly love their yard done. This is a great small way to show kindness.
  10. Leave M&M’s in your mailbox for your mail carrier. Or any candy or small treat. Mail carriers are often overlooked and they have a tough job. Show them that you appreciate them with this small token!
  11. Leave a larger tip – Waiters and Waitresses could always use an extra boost. Don’t be stingy next time you eat out!
  12. Do a chore for someone else
  13. Leave a Handwritten Note – We don’t leave handwritten notes anymore! Write some handwritten notes and give them to those you love.
  14. Take Time – Time is the best thing you can give someone. Spend as much time as you can with those you love.

I would love to hear some of your other ideas on ways you can show kindness to those around you!  

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